Admin FAQ
  1. One of my voters accidentally opted-out how can he opt back in to Ballotbin emails?
    Voters can opt back in by sending an email to

  2. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?
    If you enter your username and an incorrect password, you will get the option to request a login link. Then you can change your password by going to "My Account".

  3. How can I be sure that voters can only vote one time?
    Ballotbin sends each voter a registration code that can only be used once.

  4. What if i don't have the voters' email addresses?
    Ballotbin now has voter self-registration. Configure your bin for self-registration by changing the security method in the Advanced settings of the properties tab. You will see a URL next to "Registration Notices" on the properties tab. Your voters can go to this address to register themselves for the bin. Alternatively, they can register by sending an email to a special address that is displayed in the same part of the properties tab.

  5. Is there a way to cancel a vote? (Can I delete a vote after it is cast?)
    Not at the moment. In order to protect voters' privacy, it is not possible. Otherwise, the election administrator would be able to determine how someone voted (potentially long after an election closed) by deleting one voter at a time. We are working on changes that will allow some flexibility here.

  6. What if my voters don't have email addresses?
    It is still possible to have a ballotbin election. The solution in this case has two parts. Part one is to select security method #2 from the advanced properties area in the properties tab. Part two of the solution is to enter id numbers or names (no tabs or spaces, use underscores to separate first and last names) in the voters tab. You must then send out a registration email (to yourself) from the notices tab, select "now" as the timing option. All of the individual voter codes will be sent to you instead of being sent to the voters, you can then distribute them manually to the voters at your school.

  7. Is there a quicker alternative to entering in id number or names if my voters don't have email addresses?
    If you don't have an excel spreadsheet with id numbers or student names, then you can use excel to make a numbered list from 1 to X and then copy and paste that into the voter-input box on the voters tab.

  8. What can I do if school's/organization's email server is rejecting Ballotbin emails?
    You can distribute the voter registration codes yourself by using security method #2 in the advanced properties. You will get an email from ballotbin with an attached csv that has voters email addresses and their voter code. You should use a mail merge program (Outlook or Thunderbird) to send those codes to your voters using your organization's email account.

  9. I would like to know if the registration key could be something like XXX,user@email Because I would not like to spam everyone just to get them to vote, I would like to post an announcement in forums for instance with a generic code and let ppl vote in that way.
    If you don't want to spam people, the next best alternative is to have people self-register. Then, you post the registration link on your blog, etc. They will go to our site, enter their email address, and receive a message w/a link that lets them vote.

    We do this to limit the # of times a person can vote. Without this, people could vote as many times as they wished. With this method, they can still vote many times if they have many email addresses. If you want to be sure each person can only vote once, then you must input their emails and not allow them to self-register.

  10. How many voters can I have for one survey or election?
    There is no limit to the number of voters who may participate. However, be aware that if you have many thousands of voters, it will take some time to send all of the registration letters to them. Therefore, be sure to send them out at least one day before the start of your election/survey.

  11. Can every voter have the same voter code?
    No. The purpose of the code is to limit each voter to one vote. If you used the same code for all voters, they could each vote for someone else or vote as many times as they like. This would ruin the results of the vote. Most requests for this have come from elementary or other schools. The solution in this case is to select security method #2 from the advanced properties area in the properties tab. Then, you must send out a registration notice from the notices tab, select "now" for timing. All of the individual voter codes will be sent to you instead of being sent to the voters, you will then distribute them to the voters at your school.

  12. How secure is BallotBin?
    The system has been designed with security in mind, all software made by humans to date has been found to have security weaknesses. If you are seriously concerned about security, please email before creating your election or survey.

  13. The codes and notices have been sent out but the voting isn't open even though it's past the time it should be Open? Please Help
    Please read the note right below the timezone field on the properties tab. You must adjust for daylight savings yourself. Eastern Standard Time is not the same as Eastern Daylight Time. The easiest way to fix this is to make the start date yesterday

  14. Who will be able to see the results of the ballot?
    You can configure the results to be shown to:
    • nobody but yourself
    • voters during election
    • voters after election
    • anyone during election
    • anyone after election

  15. Is there anything to prohibit a person from forwarding the email to someone and having them participate in the survey?
    There is technically no way to do this. Each of the links that gets emailed allows only one vote, but the original recipient can forward the email to someone else.

  16. I want to set up a vote for images. How do I do this?
    If you want an election for images, you must upload the images to somewhere (there are plenty of free servers out there), then input the html to include the image (eg: <img href=""> Logo 1</code>) into the candidate fields.

  17. How much does Ballotbin cost?
    Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Ballotbin is free of cost. Ignore the "credits" you will never be charged any credits. You are welcome to make donations, however.

  18. Will the voter email addresses remain private and only be used for voting notification?
    Yes. We do not spam. We do not use your voters' email addresses for any purpose other than notifying them of your election and only when you send the notifications. The only proof we can offer is our track-record. During the five years that Ballotbin has been serving the public, we have never once spammed or sold email addresses. Our only sources of revenue are donations and Google Ads.

  19. How are ranked pairs votes counted? There seems to be a lot of counts.
    Candidates are assigned more points (counts) the higher up they are listed. If you have 5 candidates. the one at the top gets 5 "counts", the one in the second row gets 4, and so on, the one at the bottom gets 1.

  20. In a ranked-pairs election group, why is the total count for all the options greater than the number of voters in my bin?
    When you use ranked-pairs and there are N options, whichever option a voter ranks highest will get N votes in favor. The second-highest will get N-1 and so on. The lowest-ranked will not get any votes in favor. If you add up the votes for all of the options (and often even if you take only the votes for the highest-ranked option) they will be greater than the # of voters registered for your bin.

  21. If I have a long list of emails in an excel spreadsheet, how can I add them as voters to a Bin?
    Make sure that your spreadsheet contains only one column, with a list of the email addresses. Save the spreadsheet in CSV (comma separated value) format (file -> save as). Do not manually add commas to each email address in the file. Go to the voters tab. Click on "Browse ..." (IE/FF) or "Chose File..."(Chrome), select the file & click OK. Click on the add voters button right below the file name.

  22. Why can't I send a reminder notice?
    Due to misuse of reminder emails (essentially spamming people who didn't care enough to vote the first time they got a notice), we have had to restrict use of Reminder Notices. Now, you may only send a reminder if more than 50% of the pople on your voter list have voted (cared about the election that you emailed to them).

  23. Can I use Ballotbin to collect nominations?
    Yes. Set up an election with write-in candidate(s) for each position. (The number of write-in candidates per posistion will determine How many one voter can nominate.) Then use those nominees to set up your final election.

  24. How do I remove the "This ballot is not 100% private" warning?
    In your elections settings, make sure you publish results only after the election is over (choose one of the options that does not include "During" in the name).
  25. If you have a question that is not listed here, please Contact Us